Do I stay or do I go?

Customer Service does not just apply to businesses. Customer Service also applies to organizations like Chambers, Non-Profits, Churches and the like?

How welcoming is your organization? Do you feel like you add value or are valued as a member of that organization?

Churches are a classic example of Customer Service at work. Does the church meet your needs and cater to you or does it exist to meet the needs of a few people and just expect everyone else to “toe the line”? Does it respond to your input, feedback and/or complaints or ignore you and your concerns? Personally, I have joined and left churches based on how they met or ignored me and my concerns. Have you?

As I was discussing this recently with a Pastor’s wife, she told me, “everyone wants to feels valued.” Isn’t that the core value of Customer Service?

I am the member of a Chamber of Commerce that is struggling with these issues as I write this. It all came to a head last week at a Monthly Breakfast. Traditionally, these breakfasts were a spot for everyone to network, give their “elevator pitches”, make announcements and pass leads to each other. That changed this past Friday morning when the new President of the new, expanded local Chamber attended for the first time and led the meeting. Overwhelmed at what he considered to be a unwieldy crowd, he abruptly cut things short with the announcement that we were all there to network, “so network.” He promptly walked out, leaving behind a firestorm.

There are a lot of discussions occurring as a result of this one event. Will the new Chamber listen or not? This organization is at a crossroads which will determine whether or not it continues to grow and thrive or wither and die.

It will be fun to watch how this Chamber recovers. What is your experience in situations like this?


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I'm an experience trainer and customer service consultant who has worked extensively in the high tech, telecom and call center arenas around the world.
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1 Response to Do I stay or do I go?

  1. Jamie Gorman says:

    Steve, I prefer churches that are not about serving me or you, but about serving God first and then your neighbor – the two greatest commands! (Matthew 22:36-40)

    I think a lot of customer service is based on expectations. The Chamber Event was a negative because it was totally unexpected! Not sure what to expect this week. Guess I’ll give it another shot and see what happens.

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