Revisiting some previous Posts

Throughout this blog, I have tried to look at the effects Customer Service has in various situations one would not think of as needing a Customer Service approach. I also like to see examples of where Customer Service is helps an organization thrive as well as the lack of Customer Service in contributing to a decline in business.

In the political world, what has happened since this blog took a peek at various situations? Here in the United States, a couple significant events occurred:

1. Wisconsin went through its recall election to try and oust the 16 Republican State Senators who backed up the Governor’s cost cutting proposals and removed some collective bargaining and other, related benefits from State employees. 14 of the 16 Senators kept their seats. With that failure, opponents of the cost cutting have now set their sights on recalling the Governor. Stay tuned…

2. While not directly addressed in this blog, the President’s popularity has taken a nosedive and his political opponents are expanding, along with the criticism by many of his early backers. While I do not believe everything is the President’s fault, he has not done much to help himself. The new creation of a website ( aimed at targeting “unfair” attacks on the President is already drawing ridicule.

What about overseas?

1. Most of the European Community is facing some severe economic strain caused by the inability of several member nations to pay for benefits promised in the past and pay off loans floated to fulfill those promises (sound familiar?). Rioting has already broken out in one country and more countries may see similar upheavals in the near future.

2. In the Arab world, Egypt has managed to weather its recent political upheaval but change is not coming as quickly as its citizens want. However, compare Egypt with the situation in Libya and Syria, where upheaval and a desire for change has been met with resistance from those in charge. So far, Libya’s upheaval seems to be coming to a close, while Syria’s leaders are resorting to force to stay in power.

In the business world, the Federal Government has stepped in a put the brakes on the proposed merger of AT&T and T-Mobile. If you recall, this proposed merger raised a lot of questions and concerns. This merger may not be a done deal anytime soon.

And finally, remember references to various Virginia wineries that were losing business because of poor customer service? One of them recently went on the block following a bank foreclosure.

Who says Customer Service doesn’t pay for itself?

Steve Oviatt is President of Battlefield Telecom Consulting LLC ( and also writes about Telecom Expense Management issues at


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I'm an experience trainer and customer service consultant who has worked extensively in the high tech, telecom and call center arenas around the world.
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